Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Broke My Feng Shui

I think I did something bad last week. In a fit of decluttering, I emptied out a couple of corners of our house. Good, right? But ever since, I have no energy, I can' t get anything done, and I just feel funky somehow. What did I do wrong?

Our June trip is booked - we'll be in NYC June 19-26 looking for an apartment, and OGILF will be exhibiting at the MOCCA Festival for part of that time. So I'll be traipsing around the city with my girls that week, probably paying exorbitant key-fees to look at rat-infested closets. Did I mention I'm in a teensy bit of a bad mood?

In other news, I went to the Montview Auction last weekend and had a fine time with my date, the fabulous Brian Comber, while OGILF stayed home with the girls. I highly recommend going to your child's school events and getting really drunk and inappropriate; it makes the next day's preschool drop-off so wonderfully humiliating.

I'm off to rearrange my house until I feel like myself again. I have to re-balance the chi or something, I think. Wish me luck.