Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sad Blog

Did you all know that I have another blog - sort of a secret blog? It's about missing my dad and I update it very infrequently. (You're surprised, right? I know. I am such an avid blogger.)

I have felt very private about it; I disabled comments and never really meant it for public consumption. For some reason though, I feel like sharing it today. Missing my father is such a big part of who I am now - who I'll be forever, I guess - and it feels inauthentic to pretend it isn't.

I might post some more writing there soon; it will be kind of rough and ugly. Grief is rough and ugly. No one has to read it, but maybe it will help someone. I know there are people out there grieving hard every day and pasting a smile over it. Sometimes it helps to talk about it, and sometimes it doesn't. We shall see.

You can click on the title of this post to go there if you want.

(I took this picture of my dad when we went to Antarctica together in 1994. I love it - and I love that I know he was looking at me.)


Anonymous said...

awww, girl, you've left me with a sizable lump in my throat. your dad sounds like the best dad a girl could ever wish for.
sending you love.

Mrs. Motley said...

Well, he was and he wasn't, you know? He made some bad choices that hurt him and everyone who loved him - and I loved him a lot. I know you have that same missing-parent ache; sending love right back at ya. xo